Congress: make it easier to share knowledge

Whatever theme your congress is dealing with, make it easier to exchange and share knowledge is at stake.

Your congress app offers a bunch of solutions to address this issue: content engagement (programme and presentations) ; interactivity ; networking.

Must have

  • Content engagement: programme and presentations
  • Interactivity (Q&A, polls, surveys…)

Should have

  • Instant messaging

Knowledge sharing: the must have services for your congress

Content engagement: programme and presentations

» Create engagement with the content of your congress

Your delegates beneficiate from a personlised interaction with the content of your congress in order to boost knowledge sharing.


1/ Easy browsing between interventions and speakers
2/ Smooth user interface for abstracts and presentations
3/ Personal notes (written, spoken or underlining text)
4/ Custom report including all personal bookmarks and notes

Reminder: Do not forget to create an interactive floor plan so that all delegates can easily locate exhibitors, conference rooms and POI.

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» Get proactive delegates

Make your delegates feel confortable while interacting at your congress thanks to our interactivity solutions.


1/ Q&A: people attending a conference or a workshop can ask questions to the speakers
2/ Delegates vote for a presentation, a speaker or an innovation
3/ Improve your congress organisation thanks to your delegates’ feedback

» Selfie: create a friendly atmosphere at your congress

Our selfie feature let your delegates take a selfie with fun filters branded to your congress, creating a convivial atmosphere at your event.

Instant messaging: the should have service for your congress

Instant messaging

» Enable networking opportunities at your congress

Meeting is the other condition to boost knowledge sharing. Enable netwoking for your participants thanks to instant messaging.


1/ Access the participants list
2/ Use the multi-criteria search to find the relevant contact
3/ Send contact requests
4/ Send instant messages to create meetings

» Lead retrieval: generating qualified leads for your exhibitors

Go further in networking activation by providing your participants with a lead retrieval solution: by scanning badges, they will save data from delegates they meet and easily follow up after the event!

Trade show - B2B show - Instant messaging - networking - Salons

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