Corporate events: engage your participants

If you organise corporate events (seminars, conventions or meetings) on behalf of your company, your objective is to engage your participants.

Your mobile event app offers them all relevant services to help you reach this objective: personalised agendas, instant messaging and interactive solutions.

Must have

  • User profiles
  • Instant messaging

Should have

  • Interactivity (Q&A, polls, surveys…)

Engagement: the must have services

User profiles

» Content and services adapt to the users profile

Your corporate event’s attendees need to get personalised information and services. The mobile event app will display the right content thanks to the creation of user profiles in the administration interface.


1/ Each user has a personal account with individual information
2/ Each participant has an acces to information related to his related group (ie: workshops agenda, practical information, etc.)
3/ Each participant has the opportunity to use networking services (instant messaging, meetings…)

Reminder: don’t forget you can send segmented push notifications related to the users profile.

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Instant messaging

» Make it easier for your participants to network

Meeting is the other condition to boost engagement. So enable netwoking for your participants thanks to instant messaging.


1/ Access the participants list
2/ Use the multi-criteria search to find the relevant contact
3/ Send contact requests
4/ Send instant messages to create meetings

» Lead retrieval: business cards go digital!

Go further in networking activation by providing your participants with a lead retrieval solution: by scanning badges, they will save data from people they meet and easily follow up after the event!

Interactivity: make your event dynamic


» Get proactive participants

Boost participation during your event with interactivity solutions.


1/ Q&A: people attending a conference or a workshop can ask questions to the speakers
2/ Event planners can configure polls and surveys in the app
3/ Selfie: app users take a selfie with fun filters branded to your event

» Social wall: a social network within your event app

Thanks to our social wall, your event now has its own social network: your participants will post public messages or photos that others will like or comment.

Engagement - événements corporate - corporate event - social wall

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